Currently Hiring

I am seeking proactive, curious prospective PhD students who get things done, to join the Reducing Information Ecosystem Threats (RIET) Lab.

Come work with me on some of the most vexing threats to democratic nations, including disinformation, weaponized controversy, trust erosion on- and offline, and botnets. Use state-of-the-art technologies and help collect petabyte-scale datasets from social networks.

My research focuses on threats to the information ecosystem online and to healthy public discourse from an information retrieval lens, informed by insights from the social sciences. Upcoming projects address the connections between m/disinformation and weaponized controversy, online and in social networks. Additionally, my work addresses fairness and bias in medicine. My lab tackles these research questions from an AI ethics, fairness & safety perspective.

Underrepresented minorities and diverse applicants in computer science (with diversity broadly defined) are particularly invited to apply.

PhD students will be fully funded throughout their studies.

Before you apply: review the UConn CSE admissions requirements and ensure that you meet these requirements.

To apply, please:

  1. Submit your application through the UConn system.
    • Applications will be considered on a rolling basis.
    • To be considered for the nearest admission cycle, you must submit your application through the UConn system no later than the official admissions deadline (see this link), and preferably much earlier.
    • In your application, select my name when asked about faculty members you are interested to work with.
  2. Email shiridh AT with the subject line “PhD application: your-full-name“. In your email, please:
    • Attach your resume and personal statement.
    • Include the names and contact information of your three references.
    • Include publication citations and link or full text to the publication(s), if you have any.
    • Confirm that you have reviewed the UConn CSE admissions requirements, and that you have submitted your application through the UConn system.

Applications missing either one of these components will not be considered.

Before emailing me with questions, please check this list of frequently asked questions, which which may address them.